Ex-Elpida CEO’s China Fab Plan: Dropped?

TOKYO — In a span of only 11 months, a memory chip company in China, called Sino King Technology and intended by its founder, Yukio Sakamoto, the former CEO of Elpida Memory Inc., has morphed from a dream to an apparent reality to a phantom.

Yukio Sakamoto

Yukio Sakamoto

Sakamoto hatched Sino King with plans to gather hundreds of senior chip engineers from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. The startup began its life as part of a $7 billion project conducted by the city of Hefei, capital of Anhui province in eastern China. The project included a wafer fab to produce cutting-edge semiconductors in its city.

Sino King started with 10 Japanese and Taiwanese engineers, with plans to hire experts in design and production technology, aiming to employ around 1,000 engineers.

Behind the scenes, there have been whispers among Japanese DRAM engineers — especially ex-Elpida members and some now working for Micron — who are involved directly or indirectly with Sakamoto on the launch of Sino King.

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