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Fast-Growing Startup, LocatorX, Bolsters Leadership Team with Two New Additions

ATLANTA /PRNewswire/ — LocatorX, a technology company developing accurate, inexpensive and flexible tracking technology, announces the addition of Bruce Candebat, CFO, and Mark Malis, Vice President of People & Culture, to its leadership team.

LocatorX's breakthrough solutions work together to improve product and tracking information, streamline supply chain management and increase opportunities for secure brand interaction. Candebat and Malis will play a pivotal role in helping the growing startup expand market reach and innovate in the location tracking space.

“We're pleased to welcome Bruce and Mark into the LocatorX family as we continue to grow our team of industry experts,” said Scott Fletcher, CEO and President of LocatorX. “Their collective expertise will help us bring our new products to market while developing LocatorX into a household name.”

Bruce Candebat, CFO
Bruce Candebat brings more than 30 years of experience in finance, accounting, and auditing to the team, having worked with the likes of Georgia Pacific, TRX, BellSouth and more. Candebat has supported the growth of both private and public companies — including private tech and services entities —  while assisting with major acquisitions.

Before joining the LocatorX team, Candebat's prior roles included Vice President of Finance at Stratix and the Head of Finance at global technology company LifeWorks, which was successfully sold to Morneau Shepell in July 2018 with Candebat's support.

Candebat will leverage his knack for building strong financial organizations as LocatorX's new CFO while helping the startup bring its disruptive, asset-tracking products to unexplored sectors.

“LocatorX has taken labels and barcodes — a backbone for companies — and enhanced them to deliver greater value to enterprises and those they serve,” Candebat said. “I look forward to helping LocatorX gain a foothold in the market and explore new applications for these secure technologies.”

Mark Malis, Vice President, People & Culture
Mark Malis is a human resources executive with more than 30 years of domestic and international generalist leadership experience. Malis has invested the majority of his career in the high-tech sector, leading global growth initiatives that include key business transformation. 

Prior to joining LocatorX, Malis served as the Head of Global Employee Experiences at LifeWorks. Malis's role in launching the Employee Experiences function furthered the organization's people initiatives while promoting an execution-driven and engagement culture that helped fuel LifeWorks' strong growth acceleration. 

Malis will bring best-in-class employee engagement strategies to LocatorX and build the foundation for a positive and rewarding company environment as Vice President of People & Culture.

“LocatorX's technology gives this startup the opportunity to grow quickly,” Malis said. “I'm eager to lend my skills toward growing their workforce exponentially, solidifying a welcoming and supportive culture and developing employees in order to serve our clients at the highest caliber possible.”

LocatorX's suite of solutions include unique 2D bar codes, an NFC/Bluetooth-encrypted chip and an upcoming Global Resource Locator to be powered by a Solid-State Miniature Atomic Clock. The clock is the first of its kind, and is patented by the University of Oxford which has granted LocatorX exclusive rights to the technology for commercial purposes.

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    April 22, 2019

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