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FedEx Enhances Global Logistics

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FedEx SupplyChain, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today announced significant enhancements to its FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics® service.

FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics customers worldwide can now track the status of orders, shipments and inventory levels by simply logging into a web application on For added flexibility, order placement and status messaging are also available through electronic data interchange (EDI) and delivered in a common global message format.

These enhanced capabilities were developed by FedEx using a flexible IT framework designed to enable ongoing global enhancements that will meet changing customer needs. FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics customers around the globe can now track their inventory levels, order and shipment status in real time—no matter where the order was placed or where it will be delivered. FedEx SupplyChain has also deployed a common warehouse management system, enabling more consistency in capabilities and experience around the world.

“Our proven FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics technology has been delivering significant value to customers for the past five years,” said Craig Simon, president and CEO of FedEx SupplyChain. “These latest global enhancements will provide our customers with even more efficient, simplified controls over their mission-critical inventory. Our solution does not require customers to navigate multiple systems or applications like many other global supply chain management options available today. It is truly a single, global access point that can take the complexity and worry out of the process of managing global logistics. This enhanced IT platform, coupled with our reliable execution, is an unbeatable combination.”

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