Find the Fire: Great Teams Need Passion

You might call it ambition. You might call it determination. You might even call it passion. I call it fire in the belly. Whatever name it goes by, though, this characteristic is far and away what I look for in every one of our employees as we build our organization.  Of course, every organization needs good people. High-tech supply chain and logistics organizations, though, need them even more to keep up with the fast pace of change and the need for responsiveness. 

You know these people when you see them. If the person has fire in the belly, all you have to do is point to the path. This worker not only finishes the work, but does it in a very impressive way. This worker grinds out the project, and gets it done impeccably. Somehow, they possess insatiable grit. Without fire in the belly, the sense of urgency is gone, the drive to succeed fizzles, and the give it all you can attitude is gone. These people count the dimes, but lose track of the dollars. A team filled with this type of person will find it difficult to build a great company. Especially in a startup, it’s all about execution and execution comes from fire in the belly.

We are fortunate. We have employees with that have red-hot fire in the belly. I show them what to do, and they get it done.  These leaders are the ones that find solutions for the problems that appear. They reach out to senior experts in their area, build relationships with them, and eventually count them as mentors.  For those that don’t have the fire, my challenge is to do what I can to inspire them, light that burning desire to contribute, and hope they step up beyond what they have normally done. Sometimes, it works. They get rid of the aloofness, get out of their comfort zone, and go the extra mile, where the real magic happens. 

In the culture where I come from, a teacher is supposed to light the fire in the student’s mind. Education is not filling that pail, but lighting the fire in the student, creating that burning desire to make something of themselves. I was lucky, because I did meet such a teacher in my 9th grade. This teacher taught me about history, but even more, he taught me about transformation and the way that great leaders go about making a difference in their countries. I guess that was the origin of my fire in the belly. 

Another person that inspired me so much was the founder of Manhattan Associates, Alan Dabbiere.  He always talked about three kinds of people:

  1. The people who, given a set of directions, cannot do the job
  2. The people who, given a set of directions, will get the job done.
  3. The people who, given a set of directions, will not only finish building that hill, but also put a flag on the top. 

This third type of people are the ones we need to build organizations that transform the industry. Where do you find them for your organization? How do you keep the fire burning? Let us know in the comments section below. 

3 comments on “Find the Fire: Great Teams Need Passion

  1. mickeymatte
    April 24, 2017

    Thanks for sharing the great teams need is a very nice have to write a great article about passion.everyone inspire through your article .once again thanks for passion pos

  2. MrPhen375
    May 17, 2017

    Yes. This fire in the belly is needed to provide more energy for them to carry out their daily activities.

  3. PaulChau
    September 14, 2018

    This is where human resources need to play the critical role of analyzing potential employees that have the drive to perform their best for the development of the company. Everyone has interests but not everyone has the spirit to go the extra mile to conquer hurdles to get their way around just to achieve their ultimate goal. Some go about their daily job for the monthly income and this is usually not based on passion. We need the drive to get the company to see rapid progress.

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