Firework Display as Seen Through the Eyes of a Drone

I've been thinking about buying (or building) a drone for quite a while now, but I want something substantial like a hexacopter that can carry a decent camera with gimbals and auto-stabilization and suchlike, but they are still a tad expensive so I keep on saying to myself “Maybe next year.”

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The situation wasn't improved a couple of months ago when I picked up a rinky-dinky little quadcopter (only about 3″ across) at the local radio control hobby store for around $30. The man in the store made it look so easy, but when I tried flying mine at home, after a few seconds I lost control and it shot up into the sky, zipped over the roof of my house, and disappeared into the sunset. “Oh dear,” I said to myself (or words to that effect).

But my chum Aubrey Kagan (a.k.a. Antedeluvian) just sent me an amazing video of a firework display as seen from the vantage point of a drone, and it's breathtakingly beautiful.

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