Former Globalfoundries CEO to Lead SEMI Trade Group

SAN FRANCISCO—Ajit Manocha, formerly CEO of Globalfoundries Inc., has been named president and CEO of semiconductor equipment and materials vendor trade group SEMI, effective March 1.

Manocha will succeed Denny McGuirk, who is retiring. McGuirk announced his intention to retire last October.

Manocha, a 35-year semiconductor industry veteran, was first appointed interim CEO of Globalfoundries in June 2011, replacing Doug Grose, who had been the foundry’s CEO since it was formed from the divestiture of AMD’s manufacturing ARM in 2009. Manocha was later named full-time CEO of Globalfoundries in October 2011. He stepped down from the post in 2014 when Sanjay Jha was appointed the firm’s CEO.

Prior to joining Globalfoundries Manocha held exectutive positions at Spansion, NXP Semiconductors, Philips Electronics and AT&T Microelectronics. He began his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories as a research scientist where he was granted several patents related to microelectronics manufacturing.

During his tenure at Globalfoundries, Manocha previously served as vice chairman and chairman of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) trade group.

Ajit Manocha

Ajit Manocha

Manocha said through a press statement that he was excited to join SEMI at time when the semiconductor ecosystem is rapidly expanding due to new applications from the Internet, the growth of mobile devices, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence and machine learnings. “I have tremendous respect for the work SEMI does on behalf of the industry,” he said.

SEMI (Milpitas, Calif.) said Manocha was selected after a comprehensive search process by its board of directors.

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