Friday Quiz: Near-Field Communications

In EDN's Near-field communications to go far in 2013, Suzanne Deffree wrote “Estimates call for 300 million NFC-enabled devices to be sold in 2013 and for the billion-device mark to be reached in 2015.” The list of NFC-enabled phones continues to grow, and the number of units with NFC (Near-Field Communication) is surely growing now that it's in the iPhone 6.

Invented in 2002, NFC seems to be going mainstream. Thus, it's time to quiz EE Times readers about the technology. This week's quiz comes from Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology and Measurements, a white paper from Rohde & Schwarz. As always, answers appear on the last page.

1. What is the coupling between NFC polling and listening devices?

  1. Capacitive
  2. Resistive
  3. Inductive
  4. Optical
  5. a and b only
  6. c and d only

2. Which modulation scheme is used by an NFC polling device?

  1. PCM (pulse code modulation)
  2. ASK (Amplitude-shift keying)
  3. QAM (Quadrature amplitude modulation)
  4. FSK (Frequency shift keying)
  5. QPSK (Quadrature phase-shift keying)

3. Which type of encoding is used by NFC?

  1. NRZ-L
  2. Manchester Encoding
  3. 8b/10b
  4. RZ
  5. Modified Miller Encoding
  6. a, b and c only
  7. a, b, and e only
  8. All of the above

To take the rest of this quiz, visit EBN sister site EETimes.

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