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Fronetics Launches New Service

NEWBURYPORT, MA – Fronetics Strategic Advisors, a global strategic advisory firm focused on driving value in high-tech supply chains and integrated logistics, today announced the launch of Fronetics Interim Retained Management Service (FIRMS), a management as a service offering.

FIRMS is designed to provide specific executive, management, sales or operational expertise when and where an organization needs it, for exactly as long as it needs it, at a fraction of the cost and time of hiring, assimilating and assigning a full-time professional. Each member of the FIRMS team has over 20 years of industry experience and specialized expertise that organizations leverage to meet business goals. FIRMS’ professionals are available to help organizations navigate unique challenges, fill leadership voids during transitions, act as a Board Advisor or offer expertise on special projects and initiatives.

“In today’s economic uncertainty companies and management teams are challenged with expanding their business while reducing their spending,” said Frank Cavallaro, CEO and founder of Fronetics. “Our new FIRMS offering provides effective and efficient talent that helps organizations make meaningful progress in strategic initiatives without incurring a large upfront investment in time, people, or budget.”


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