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Fujitsu Introduces Assessment Service

TOKYO — Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Chubu Systems Limited and Digital Process Ltd. today announced the immediate availability of their ISO 26262 Assessment Service, a service that offers training, consulting and assessments to assist the auto industry with ISO 26262 certification, an international standard for embedded electronics and software in automobiles.

This service provides automakers and parts suppliers training from Fujitsu Group personnel who are certified in functional safety assessment and who are experts on ISO 26262, including its strict functional-safety criteria. Customers can also receive proposals to best meet the standard, and to improve every part of their processes, from defining product requirements to design, manufacturing, and testing.

Fujitsu will also make ISO 26262 compliant its PLEMIA M3 series, the company's integrated product-data management software that covers every aspect of manufacturing, which will also assist the auto industry in its efforts to comply with this standard.

Embedded electronics and software have become indispensable to the manufacture of automobiles, but as design and development projects grow larger in scale, the needs to keep defects in check and to ensure safety have grown more acute. This summer ISO 26262 is expected to be promulgated as an international standard to establish rules for every phase in the product-development lifecycle for carmakers and parts suppliers in an all-out pursuit of functional product safety. Preparations to implement the standard are already underway in Japan.

With this in mind, the Fujitsu Group has launched its new ISO 26262 Assessment Service to provide the auto industry with training, consulting, and assessment services to comply with the new standard.

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