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G2M Research Releases 2017 NVM Express Market Sizing Report

SAN DIEGO, Calif. –  G2M Research today announced the release of the 2017 NVM Express (NVMe) Market Sizing Report which extends the market forecast into 2021, and provides Spotlight Sections on the fastest-growing segments of the NVMe market.

“Since we released the first edition of the NVMe Market Sizing Report last year we have seen significant growth and evolution in several segments of the NVMe market,” said Michael Heumann, lead analyst for G2M Research and managing partner of G2M Communications, Inc. “The goal of the G2M Research NVMe Market Sizing Report is to help our subscribers understand where growth and innovation is happening in the NVMe market, allowing them to correctly position their companies to take advantage of these trends.”

As with previous versions of the NVMe Market Sizing Report, the 2017 edition provides market overviews and forecasts for NVMe products in a variety of categories. Key findings include:

  • NVMe Servers:  More than 50% of enterprise servers will have U.2 NVMe bays by 2019.
  • NVMe Solid-state Drives (SSDs):  The market for NVMe SSDs (U.2, M.2, and PCI AOCs) will reach $9B by 2021.
  • NVMe-based All-flash Arrays (AFAs):  More than 70% of AFAs will be NVMe-based by 2020.
  • NVMe Storage Appliances:  Over 70% of storage appliances will be NVMe-based by 2021.
  • NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) Adapters:  The market for NVMe-oF adapters will exceed 1.5 million units by 2021.

New in the 2017 NVMe Market Sizing Report are Key Company awards, which recognize companies in each of the above product categories for achievements such as, Largest Footprint (most models/series in a product category), Greatest Capacity (SSDs only), and Most Innovative (biggest technical or product breakthrough), based on publicly available data. The report also includes a Biggest Surprise for each product category. G2M Research will hold a webinar at 9:00am Pacific on October 17, 2017 to publicly announce the Key Company awards and discuss major findings from the latest NVMe Market Sizing Report.

Also with the release of the 2017 edition, a new end-user version of the NVMe Market Sizing Report is now available. The end-user version of the report is designed to help consumers of NVMe products better understand the market and deployable NVMe use cases. The end-user version of the report provides the same market overview, market survey, and market highlights information that is included in the full report, but excludes the 5-year forecasts, and is available at a significantly reduced price to accredited end-users.

To further augment the use case data in the 2018 edition of the report, G2M Research will conduct several surveys of IT professionals in a variety of vertical markets over the next twelve months. These surveys will focus on plans for deploying and developing NVMe-related technologies, as well as issues that end-users expect NVMe technologies to solve. Qualified participants of the surveys will receive a copy of the survey findings and an Amazon gift card. To participate in the surveys, please register with G2M Research.

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