Get Ready for the Holiday Returns Season

In the days leading up to any of the big winter holidays, gift giving is on everyone's mind. Not long after, buyers remorse may set in sending shoppers scurrying for shipping boxes to return unwanted trinkets. 

“Returns have become both a normal part of the shopping process and business as usual for retailers, representing a little over 8% percent of retail sales,” according to Deloitte University Press.  “When it comes to returns, dissatisfaction isn't the only driver—other factors, such as buyer's remorse, are consumer driven. Another driver of returns is the fact that consumers don't always evaluate the product (e.g., trying on the item) prior to purchase.”

For e-commerce retailers, this boomerang effect may be particularly difficult, as buyers squawk about poorly described merchandize, late arriving items, or products damaged in transit. 

Electronics are in the top five preferred gifts on the list of both givers and receivers, according to research from The NPD Group. At the same time, these same items, with complex feature sets and individual design styles, may be some of the most likely to be sent back to the e-commerce retailer.

Returns this season may reach 30%, according to Deloitte. Take a look at the infographic from Schorr Packaging below for closer look at the cost (both in dollars and less measurable customer good will) of returns.

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  1. JoyceCristal
    January 4, 2016

    Having a set policy for returns is one way to make the whole process a lot easier.

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