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Global Reverse Supply Chain Company Redefines Sustainability with Unique Cradle-to-Cradle Business Model

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  – Environmental sustainability initiatives are becoming a critical necessity for progressive companies around the world. In order to reduce e-waste, companies must design products with a Cradle-to-Cradle approach, taking into consideration the entire product lifecycle. These companies are now counting on Re-Teck as a strategic partner to help them navigate the new world order.

Rethinking the way products are designed, manufactured, sold, and repurposed is important for extracting the most from technology and keeping valuable resources from landfills. Re-Teck provides the Reverse Supply Chain Management (RCSM) technology leadership and engineering expertise that enables the technology community to capitalize on Cradle-to-Cradle manufacturing and support economic development and environmental sustainability.

“At Re-Teck, we understand the importance of technology developed for closed-loop systems,” noted Linda Li, Chief Strategy Officer, Re-Teck. “As companies begin to rethink design and begin integrating repurposed or re-usable components, not only is it good for the environment, but it can drive economic growth by demonstrating their commitment to long-term sustainability efforts. With Cradle-to-Cradle manufacturing in mind, companies can develop products that can be fully recycled into materials they can use for products in the future.”

Re-Teck’s experienced engineering teams consider the aftermarket value for devices, the primary market value for component parts, and extracts the usable elements for repurposing to Re-Teck’s global partner exchange. It’s end-to-end RSCM platform, currently deployed by Global 500 brands such as Microsoft, NEC, Amazon and Motorola, provides a simple solution to a complex issue by eliminating the logistical, compliance, and technological issues of technology take-back initiatives.

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1 comment on “Global Reverse Supply Chain Company Redefines Sustainability with Unique Cradle-to-Cradle Business Model

  1. Pau
    August 2, 2017

    Ultimately, companies that embrace Cradle to Cradle are doing so because they see that they can grow thriving businesses in ways that create sustainable abundance, health, and even happiness. Once that light goes on in a business person's mind, they ask why anyone would want to make products in any other way. In this world, commerce, consumption, business, and investment can make you feel good and enlightened, not guilty.

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