Globalfoundries Expands into Chinese Wafer Fab

LONDON—Globalfoundries Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) announced plans to upgrade an existing semiconductor facility in Chongqing in inland China to run some of its processes on 300mm-diameter wafers.

The fab will be operated as a joint venture between Globalfoundries and the municipality of Chongqing, with process technology being brought in from Globalfoundries' Singapore site. The Singapore site, formerly Chartered Semiconductor, has one 300mm wafer fab — Fab 7 — which runs wafers on CMOS and SOI processes from 130nm down to 40nm.

Globalfoundries said it expects the upgrade in Chongqing to start producing wafers in 2017.

Globalfoundries said it is not revealing financial details of the deal at this time or how the ownership will be shared in percentage terms between Globalfoundries and Chongqing district.

The company did reveal that Chongqing will provide the land, the buildings and the infrastructure of the existing 200mm manufacturing faciity and Globalfoundries will provide the tools to upgrade the fab to 300mm capability. “In the initial phase of the project, we will transfer our 130/180nm process technologies from Singapore. The platform is ideal for analog, power, and mixed-signal applications. Available technologies include logic, analog/mixed-signal, high voltage/power and eFlash/OTP/MTP memory. Target applications include power, battery management, audio amplifiers, microcontrollers, AC-DC converters, LED lighting, and motor drivers,” said a spokesperson in email communication with EE Times Europe  .

Once upgraded the 300mm wafer fab will be capable of 15,000 wafer starts per month.

The company said it would also be expanding design support facilities in China but again no detail was provided on how this would be done or how much would be spent.

Globalfoundries already has design centers in Beijing and Shanghai.

This article was originally published by  EE Times Europe.

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