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Good Point Recycling Statement on Basel Action Network Report

MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT – Good Point Recycling (a division of American Retroworks, Inc.) is a nationally-recognized R2-certified provider of electronics recycling. We are one of the region's leading “e-waste” recycling facilities, operating in Middlebury, Vermont since 2001.

On May 9, 2016, industry watchdog Basel Action Network (BAN) published a report summarizing its nearly two-year investigation of the movement of used electronic devices originating from U.S. recyclers. This report, together with a corresponding interactive website maintained by BAN’s IT and communications partner, the MIT Senseable City Lab, alleges that in late 2015 BAN tracked a printer via GPS monitoring from Good Point’s Middlebury facility to a downstream provider in Chicago. While the initial report obscured the path of the printer, a subsequent report issued by BAN on September 15, 2016 alleges the device was ultimately delivered to an uncertified electronics waste junkyard in New Territories, Hong Kong. The September report further states that Good Point Recycling claimed to have exported the printer in question to Li Tong Group. This is completely untrue.

In point of fact, Good Point Recycling has never done business of any kind with Li Tong Group, but recognizes it as a global leader in reverse supply chain management solutions, known industry-wide for its state-of-the-art facilities and environmentally sustainable practices. While we made absolutely no assertion of any involvement or wrongdoing by Li Tong Group, Good Point Recycling regrets any implication of Li Tong Group that may have originated from our private investigation of BAN’s study, and wholly disavows the assertion by BAN that Li Tong Group was in any way connected with BAN’s examination of the electronics recycling industry. 

18 comments on “Good Point Recycling Statement on Basel Action Network Report

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    December 27, 2016

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