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Greening Global Shopping Cart Webinar Launches to Help Companies Meet Climate Targets

(NEW YORK) Today Environmental Defense Fund announced the launch of a new webinar series, Greening the Global Shopping Cart, an exploration of the challenges and opportunities to advance sustainability across the retail, grocery and consumer goods industries. 

In the wake of Walmart’s Project Gigatoninitiative to a cut a billion tons of emissions from the retail supply chain by 2030, many suppliers and companies across the industry are asking themselves: how and where are they going to find and reduce emissions from the retail and consumer goods supply chain?

This series, which kicks-off on June 14th , seeks to answer that question with an examination of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and a look at key strategies companies can deploy to reduce their impact. Visit the EDF website to register for the webinars. The first four are:  

Wednesday, June 14:  Project Gigaton: Where should you start?

Wednesday, July 12: Halting deforestation

Wednesday, August 16: Climate-smart ag

Wednesday, September 13: Greening your freight moves

(All times are 1-2 pm EST)

Full descriptions of each session below:

Project Gigaton: Where should you start?

If a company has made a Project Gigaton commitment—or are considering one—we’ll answer the question “what now”? Jason Mathers and Elizabeth Sturcken, EDF, will walk you through the initial key learnings of our new supply chain roadmap. They’ll also highlight existing EDF+Business resources and ways companies can work with EDF to advance their projects. 

Halting deforestation

Deforestation is a huge driver of greenhouse gas emissions globally, with just four commodities—beef, soy, palm oil and pulp and paper—accounting for about 1.7 gigatons of emissions each year. Many organizations and companies have set deforestation commitments, but we are still seeing increases in deforestation. What is causing this discrepancy and how can NGOs, governments and companies collaborate to see real impact at scale? Katie Anderson, EDF, will review the opportunities associated with collective action around jurisdictional approaches for beef and soy in Brazil and give companies a helpful path forward for engagement.

Climate-smart ag

Globally, agriculture is responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. Excess use of nitrogen fertilizer produces a greenhouse gas 300x more powerful than CO2, and an estimated $412m in fertilizer runs off into streams and rivers each year as pollution. At the same time, raising sheep, cattle, chickens and hogs is responsible for 18% of all GHGs—more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. Jenny Ahlen, EDF, will give a high-level overview of best practices, strategies, programs and collaborations that companies can take advantage of in pursuit of their Project Gigaton goal.

Greening your freight moves

Every product has a freight journey from factory to the store shelf. The combined impact of these trips is enormous: retailers spend over $20 billion a year on fuel alone to truck products. Over 300 million tons of carbon pollution are emitted to bring goods to market. Retailers and their suppliers can cut costs and emissions by adopting green freight practices. Join EDF to hear how leaders are leveraging the Five Principles for Greener Freight to create business value; and learn how to launch your own green freight journey.

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