Guard the Supply Chain from Social Engineering

Supply chain managers, with contacts with many different companies and access to a variety of financial data, offer a potentially rich target for cybercriminals who want to launch social engineering attacks. 

Basically, social engineering attacks manipulate people to inadvertently give up confidential information. Often they target a particular organization, department or individual. They come in the guise of emails, text messages, instant messages, or web sites take encourage the user to click on a link or download a file that will result in malware. 

These attacks are common. In fact, 62% of organizations surveyed in the 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study published by the Ponemon Institute. And they cause trouble for extended periods of time. On average, for example phishing and social engineering attacks took nearly three weeks to resolve, the survey found. 

The infographic below, from electronics distributor Avnet, offers some tips for spotting and foiling social engineering threats.

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