Hackaday Prize 2015 Aims to Benefit to Humanity

In 2014 I became aware of the Hackaday Prize and was impressed by the goal of creating a world-changing design and wrote an EDN articleabout it—this created a movement. Well, I am even more happy to promote this contest in 2015 because the goal is solving a problem that matters to everyone such as in areas of Pollution, Food for all, and Energy efficiency and storage. Again the prize is either a trip into space or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

Last year's winners chose the cash in the amount of $196,418 and chose to invest in the Libre Space Foundation (LSF).

(Image courtesy of SATNOGS)

(Image courtesy of SATNOGS)

The 2014 winners are the SATNOGS who created a DIY Crowd-sourced Satellite Ground Station which, when built in areas around the world, will not have the dilemma of a satellite in geostationary orbit (always above the same point on the Earth) which has the problem of getting access to the satellite from your ground station when there are hordes of others trying to do the same within the area of geographical communication around you or if the satellite is not locked in a synchronous orbit, a ground station only will have contact for a very small portion of time as it orbits the Earth and then the planet gets in the way and you the next ground stations around the world access it momentarily as it passes in their area.

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