Half of global employees believe their current workplace is not smart enough

Many employees believe their current workplace is not effectively making use of the latest technology advances, but expect them to do so as remote work is increasingly viewed as providing both quality of life and productivity benefits, according to the Future Workforce Study recently released by Dell and Intel.

The study, conducted by research firm PSB, found that nearly 50% of global employees believe their current workplace is not smart enough, while 42% of millennial employees say they are willing to quit their job if office technologies are not up to their standard. “The massive changes that are occurring in the workplace are like a tale of two cities; those companies that are modernizing, especially with mobility, will attract and retain top talent, those who don’t will create employee frustration, lower productivity and employee unhappiness”

The 2016 Future Workforce Studypolled nearly 4,000 full-time employees from small, medium and large businesses in 10 countries, and exposed than more than half of all employees believe they will be working in a smart office within the next five years, while 51% believe that better technologies will make face-to-face meetings redundant within the next five years. The research shows that the influx of new technology is having a significant impact on what workers expect from their employer, and that workplaces which don’t enact these new advances will be left behind.

In addition, over half of employees already work outside of a traditional office at least one day a week, the study found while 18% are working from a public location every week. Employees are also seeing the advancement of technologies to better enable these new working arrangements, with respondents listing advanced security protection as the single most important technology to be implemented into their workplace.

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