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Heilind Carrying FCI Products

WILMINGTON, Mass. — Design engineers are challenged to find high speed I/O solutions that deliver increased power, higher speeds and greater density. Heilind Electronics, the largest interconnect distributor in North America, offers FCI's high speed I/O products, including Mini SAS/SATA, SFP+, QSFP+ and optical transceivers and transponders.

FCI's mini- SAS/SATA is a mini-multilane connector interface provides a cost-effective, high-speed solution that meets the bandwidth requirements of current and future applications in servers and external storage systems. The availability of both mini-SAS and mini-SATA assemblies gives the user the option to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective link for their respective application.

The SFP+ system consists of connectors, EMI cages and cable assemblies that allows the user to enable single port bandwidth of 10 Gb/s while maintaining the same linear PCB port density as earlier SFP systems. This product is fully performance compliant with 10 Gigabit-Ethernet, 8G FibreChannel and 10G FibreChannel over Ethernet industry standards. This system has been successfully deployed in data center, networking and high performance computing applications.

The QSFP+ system consists of a 38 position connector, EMI cage and copper based cable assemblies that allow the user to increase linear PCB board port signal density well above that of the XFP, SFP or SFP+ I/O systems. This system delivers four times the port bandwidth capability of SFP+ systems and is particularly well suited for high transactional systems that are typically deployed in data center, networking and high performance computing applications.

Heilind also carries FCI's full line of optical transceivers and transponders covering the range of industry standard and MSA standard products from X2, XFP, SFP+ and QSFP+, as well as the Small Cubic Form Factor (SCFF) product. FCI's full line of optical transceivers and transponders are compliant to various high speed industry application standards ranging from SONET to Ethernet, but also includes coverage of 10G Ethernet, 8G and 10G FibreChannel, Infiniband QDR and various IEEE 802.3 specifications.

Visit Heilind's website for more information and specifications on FCI's high speed I/O solutions.

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