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Heilind Stocks TE Ocean

WILMINGTON, Mass. — Heilind Electronics, the largest distributor of interconnect products in North America, is now stocking TE Connectivity's innovative Ocean series of lead wire applicators. The Ocean applicator combines the best features of TE's HDM, HDI and System III applicators while adding several customer-suggested enhancements.

The Ocean series of applicators utilizes one applicator platform and a modular family design with two ram interface styles. The same wire crimper, insulation crimper and anvil are used on both styles. All Ocean series applicators have three interchangeable feed options: mechanical, pneumatic and servo. The mechanical feed design keeps the roller and cam in constant contact for a smooth and accurate transition through each feed cycle. The mechanical feed design also features easily accessible micro adjustments for the forward and back stroke, allowing for precise and repeatable terminal location in the crimp area.

The pneumatic feed is self-actuated by the applicator and does not require a terminator air valve, providing both increased flexibility and higher crimp precision. The Servo feed type is completely independent of the ram stroke and has a built in data module that stores the crimping parameters and system confirmation for all the terminals it can crimp.

The Ocean series provides an upgrade path for terminal intelligence that allows the machine to acquire set-up features as the applicator is upgraded, and also permits customers to perform field upgrades to System III and Smart Applicator technology.


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