How IDEA-QMS-9090 Ensures Responsible Procurement

This is the last in a three-part series on IDEA-QMS-9090, an auditable standard that covers the ability to source, inspect, store, and deliver product and answers the call for a responsible procurement solution. The first was Next Step in Responsible Procurement: IDEA-QMS-9090, and the second was IDEA-QMS-9090: Development & Key Processes .

The true meat of the IDEA-QMS-9090 standard deals with the procurement and inspection of product. For the first time, the concept of risk assessment is applied to the Independent Distributor and requires the documentation of the source of supply, the development and maintenance of a method for identifying and quantifying the risk level of suppliers, and developing a documented process for the review of potential high-risk product before purchase. There are also requirements to document the process for vendor qualification and use. Lastly, evidence must be shown that inspection is conducted per the IDEA- STD-1010 inspection guideline and by an IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified Inspector.

The standard also addresses the sticky issue of how to handle counterfeit product once identified. The key focus in this part of the standard is to ensure that identified counterfeit product is immediately quarantined and can never be returned to the supply chain. There must be a documented process to ensure both instances occur. Further, the incident must be reported to the relevant authorities, including the IP holder as well as GIDEP and ERAI. Finally, there must be a closed loop in the vendor rating process that shows the impact of the incident on the vendor.

In the end, IDEA-QMS-9090 makes us all better. It raises the bar and the expectations of performance. It builds trust and offers a verifiable solution to the age old question of who is really behind the curtain and what are they doing. IDEA and its membership continue to lead the way in creating standards and solutions for the supply chain. While IDEA-QMS-9090 may seem like the culmination of years of effort and focus, in reality it is just the beginning in the development of Responsible Procurement Solutions and Responsible Procurement Partners, which we in IDEA strive to be.

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2 comments on “How IDEA-QMS-9090 Ensures Responsible Procurement

  1. SP
    April 11, 2013

    This was long needed. Liked the action outlined if counterfeited component is found. But about the companies who do not follow this standard. Is it made compulsory.

    April 12, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this info with us.  I am keen to see how closing the loop with vendors (suppliers) will work in reality and what carrot or stick method is used to enforce the required remedial actions.

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