IDEA-QMS-9090: Development & Key Processes

This is the second post in a three-part series on IDEA-QMS-9090, an auditable standard that covers the ability to source, inspect, store, and deliver product and answers the call for a responsible procurement solution. The first was Next Step in Responsible Procurement: IDEA-QMS-9090.

The design and development of IDEA-QMS-9090 took more than 24 months and included some of the brightest minds in procurement, from independent distributors, OEMs, and EMS providers to government representatives. Much of that time was spent developing a standard strong enough to meet the tough expectations of customers while not being a clone or duplication of other standards.

This standard clearly holds independent distributors accountable for delivering quality each and every time. There is no wiggle room. The books are open, and auditors can look behind the curtains to ensure that what is presented to the world is not marketing sizzle but strong, repeatable processes that deliver the expected and required result. Lastly, IDEA-QMS-9090 can be audited by a Member's regular registrar and scheduled in conjunction with ISO, ESD, and/or AS certification and surveillance audits.

Emphasis is placed in a number of key areas. The starting point is development of a strong policy and a set of objectives that state explicitly that there will be zero instances of shipping counterfeit or substandard product, as well as 100 percent order accuracy. Metrics must be developed and reviewed on at least a quarterly basis to support these objectives and to foster organizational improvement.

There are requirements that specify a distributor cannot operate out of a residential structure and must maintain the proper equipment and tools not only to perform inspections per IDEA-STD-1010, but also to maintain a moisture sensitivity program and strict access control.

Next up: How IDEA-QMS-9090 ensures responsible procurement.

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