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Industrial Manufacturers’ GPO Prime Advantage Tackles the Rising Cost of Healthcare

CHICAGO – Prime Advantage, the leading buying consortium for midsized manufacturers, announced that it has expanded the categories in which it reduces costs for its Members to now include healthcare costs.

In partnership with industry consultants Lindsay, Payne, Gibson and Marette (LPGM), the program is known as the Healthcare Cost Containment System™. This system bundles several strategic insurance products and solutions that work together to help companies offer extensive insurance coverage and fund preventive healthcare plans without any out of pocket costs.

The Healthcare Cost Containment System is built on an alliance between United Healthcare, US Preventive Medicine & The Cleveland Clinic, Aflac, and Optum. All leaders in their respective segments, these companies have come together to address the rising cost of healthcare for companies. It’s a comprehensive approach that enables companies, whether fully or self-insured, to offer extensive health insurance to employees, as well as an industry leading wellness program to improve the overall health of employees, at no added cost to the company.

One of the program’s designers is Mark Lindsay, former Assistant to President Bill Clinton for the Office of Management and Administration. Lindsay explains, “The system is like a three-legged stool. Each of the alliance partners is like a leg of the stool. When fully implemented, the Healthcare Cost Containment System creates a self-funding approach to allow corporations to gain access to a world-class preventive health program with no net out-of-pocket costs.”

“Health care costs are expected to continue to rise in 2017, and our Member companies need to control those costs while offering their employees robust and comprehensive healthcare plans,” said Mike McDonald, executive vice president of business development, Prime Advantage. “This program is by far the best we’ve seen that enables our Members to control their own destiny when it comes to healthcare costs. It enables companies to provide the best possible health plans for employees, provide the industry leading wellness program at no out-of-pocket cost, realize corporate tax savings, and administer it and manage it on the Optum platform. Bundled together, the program significantly drives down the cost of healthcare for companies.”

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