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iNEMI Organizing Two MEMS Initiatives

HERNDON, Va. — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) has begun driving two collaborative efforts related to MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology, and has scheduled a workshop in Pittsburgh on May 10 (immediately following, and in the same location as, the MEMS Industry Group's M2M Forum 2012).

“These first two R&D initiatives will focus on issues relating to reliability and test. These are areas that are common across the MEMS manufacturing supply chain and it makes sense to take a collaborative approach to developing industry-wide solutions,” said iNEMI CEO Bill Bader.

Bader notes that the 2011 iNEMI Roadmap was the first edition of the consortium's roadmap to feature a separate chapter on MEMS. It examined the technology and business directions for MEMS technology over the next 10 years. Using this information, coupled with gap analysis and industry input, iNEMI identified and prioritized several critical issues that must be addressed for the MEMS industry to continue moving forward.

Efforts are now underway to develop the following R&D efforts:

  • MEMS Test Methods and Capabilities – This team will focus on providing possible refinements for testing in-process and at the process back-end.
  • MEMS Reliability Methodologies – This initiative will investigate the development of generic reliability testing specifications/methods for integrated MEMS devices that enable specification conformance and effectively propagate key device failure mechanisms.

MEMS Workshop

The one-day workshop will combine presentations from invited speakers with break-out sessions to facilitate interaction and discussion on the key challenges that the industry needs to address collaboratively. Meeting objectives are to:

  • Leverage the iNEMI Roadmap and outcomes of the prior MEMS workshop (held in Brighton, England in September 2011) to refine the areas identified for collaboration.
  • Identify and evaluate additional opportunities that would benefit from industry collaboration related to MEMS manufacturing and deployment.
  • Form action groups to define and execute the required collaborative programs.
  • Define research and development needs to support these programs.

Watch the iNEMI website for details about the MEMS workshop, or contact Grace O'Malley, iNEMI manager of operations, Europe.

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