Infographic: Electronics Consumers Excited by New Tech

At the far end of the supply chain, the consumer shopper is largely responsible for deciding which new smartphones and tables will be winners and which will be flops. A recent FatWallet 2014 Electronics Buying Survey looks at some of the trends that will drive the market in the coming year.

Electronics purchases are a popular choice among American buyers, with three out of four reporting plans for spending in the coming year. Online outlets and brick-and-mortar sellers both remain popular choices, but those that flock to online options are often looking for a deal, the survey found.

This year, 48% of adult consumers will plunk down cash for a new smartphone. The under-30 crowd is even more likely to want the latest and greatest technology toys, so six out of 10 report plans to purchase a new phone.

The Apple iPhone and competing Android devices are nearly tied in popularity. Meanwhile, the market for cell phone service providers is heavily splintered between the various carrier options.

Tablets, too, will prove to be a popular purchase in the coming year — with one in four users planning to make a purchase. Again, Android and Apple are in a head to head battle for market supremacy. Laptops, though, will remain the purchase of choice over the newer tablet option, at least for the time being.

Take a look at the infographic below. How do you think these trends should affect planning along the electronics supply chain?

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  1. Susan Fourtané
    October 27, 2014

    Even though different surveys seem to show a different opinion about the percentage of people who shop online it's good to see that more people are leaving fear behind and embracing online and mobile shopping. -Susan

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