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INSIGHT Improves Supply Chain Design Data Visualization

Manassas, VA– INSIGHT, Inc ., top international provider of planning solutions that power supply chain design for the world's foremost companies, announces a new data analysis and visualization module for SAILS, the most powerful strategic supply chain design software suite in existence. The new offering, entitled the SAILS Data Visualization Module , distills the essence of large, complex strategic supply chains into just a few tables that make it easy to display maps, graphical results or hierarchical relationships. The new data export facility makes it exceptionally easy to exploit the power of familiar 3rd party tools such as:   

“Powerful visualizations of supply chain design alternatives pop out of either pre-defined or user-created Excel pivot table definitions and the pre-structured tabular data output for Tableau,” notes Jeff Karrenbauer, president of INSIGHT. “Whether power user or novice, Tableau and Excel users can generate compelling, accurate, and informative data manipulation and visualization of results.”

INSIGHT's new capability enables both analysts and executives to probe complex questions more quickly and intuitively. Setup is quick, does not require IT support and provides access to data such as:

  • Total System Metrics.
  • Commodity Metrics.
  • Procurement analysis at the supplier and raw material level.
  • Manufacturing analysis at the facility, line and product level.
  • Distribution analysis at the facility and product level.
  • Transportation analysis at the lane and product level.
  • Product and customer segment flow path analysis.

“INSIGHT brings to the user stunning new mapping analysis, graphical displays and the ability to visually drill up and down to quickly grasp model output, whether from optimization or simulation,” adds Karrenbauer. “INSIGHT has incorporated sophisticated mapping, business graphics, reporting and seamless integration with MS Office© into SAILS for many years, but this is significantly more powerful. It is also open-ended: the basic data structures invite users of all levels of expertise to customize their analyses. We have even had senior executives take the results and manipulate them.”

A unique feature of the SAILS Data Visualization Module is the ability to examine in detail model inputs as well as outputs. While most commercial packages focus on results, it is just as important to identify anomalies in the inputs when building models of complex supply chains.

Revenue growth and cost reduction are the clear, targeted outcomes of a properly conducted strategic supply chain design study. Network design tools do the painstaking work of determining the right combination of supplier, manufacturing, warehousing, cross-dock and port locations, inventory levels, and transportation links. They directly address associated issues such as strategic sourcing, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain vulnerability and sustainability. They can serve as an ideal underlying advanced analytics tool to support S&OP. And they are capable of incorporating the cost and demand impact of various marketing initiatives, thereby generating a profit-maximized corporate strategy. The most innovative companies are in continuous improvement mode, always evaluating and optimizing the best choice of core capabilities and then executing to achieve an optimal supply chain. Continuous improvement, a hallmark of corporate quality, mandates frequent review of the global supply chain network to account for inevitable changes in customer demand, emerging channels, demographics, the overall economy, product mix, manufacturing capacity and so on.

INSIGHT's flagship supply chain design software solution, SAILS, enables executives to achieve millions of dollars in savings by consistently improving the supply chain. Most recently INSIGHT introduced SCOREKEEPER, which allows simulation of complete supply chain operations, including procurement, manufacturing, and finished goods distribution at a daily level of detail. It features complete, seamless integration into the SAILS system, including database, user interface and output reports and graphics. It enables the user to simulate either the current supply chain (“baseline”) or the result of any SAILS optimization exercise with automatic communication of either solution to the simulation.

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