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Institute for Supply Management to Update Requirements for CPSM, the Gold Standard in “Real-World” Certification

TEMPE, AZ— Attention, supply management professionals and executives: If you’re serious about advancing your career or helping your team to excel, it’s time to seize the opportunity. The Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) program from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) is the gold standard for supply management expertise, achievement and success in the “real world”.

CPSM program requirements change every few years, and today, ISM announced plans to roll out new courseware in the spring of 2018, and updated examinations next September.  These will include additional content on global supply management, technology, risk and business acumen, category management, and sales and operations planning. ISM is encouraging individuals and teams who are already studying for the CPSM®  to complete their exams now, before they need to master this additional content. Those who have been considering certification still have time to earn the certification if they begin right away.

“Today, corporations recognize that they need topnotch talent in supply management roles to maintain their competitive advantage. They see the CPSM®  as the leading indicator of professional excellence, differentiating people who can provide solutions to complex challenges and add real-world value,” said Tom Derry, CEO of ISM.

 As a benchmark certification, the CPSM stands out for its specialized focus on global procurement and sourcing in a broader supply chain management context. It meets the needs of busy, full-time professionals who want a practical, convenient, time-efficient and high-value pathway to certification. Moreover, surveys show that those with the CPSM earn an average of nine percent more than their counterparts. 

“The CPSM is a credential that employers recognize and respect. It demonstrates that I have specialized knowledge, in addition to direct experience that I can apply globally,” said Jeremiah Heredia, MBA, CPSM, CPSD, Non Production Supply Chain Manager, Excel Industries. 

From contracting and negotiation to risk and compliance, the CPSM program tests critical competencies that supply management professionals need for success. These competencies are a “subset” of those in the ISM Mastery Model, a global blueprint for maximizing effectiveness in supply management at all career stages. Many leaders also look for this certification when making hiring decisions, and choose to invest in this program to keep high-potential employees excited, engaged and loyal.

For those with the requisite supply management experience, there is still an opportunity to earn this important designation right away. For corporate leaders, ISM is also available to advise on ways to make team study sessions convenient and effective. 

It’s time to get serious: To begin or resume your CPSM study today, please find more information at

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