Intel Snags Exec from ARM to Run IoT

MADISON, Wis. — Fresh blood and a little reorganizations might be the key for Intel Corp. to succeed in two hot new markets – IoT and automotive – that will be crucial for its hopes to reduce its reliance on PCs as the company's main growth generator.

Intel announced Tuesday that it will separate its nascent automotive team from the company’s IoT group. Previously, Intel’s IoT and automotive teams were bundled together under one big IoT tent.

The move signals growing confidence by the processor giant that both teams can grow at full speed and assume accountability as independently managed business units.

Along with the organizational change, Intel named ex-ARM executive Tom Lantzsch to head the company’s IoT branch. Lantzsch joins Intel’s executive leadership team as a senior vice president and general manager of the IoT Group.

Prior to Intel, Lantzsch was executive vice president of strategy at ARM.

Tom Lantzch in front of Intel's HQ (Source: Intel)

Tom Lantzch in front of Intel's HQ (Source: Intel)

Although Intel continues to pursue the IoT market without relying on ARM cores, an internal organization now headed by an executive from its archrival may suggest that all bets are off as it charts a new course.

The market is already seeing some signs of change.

Despite Intel’s decades of doggedly sticking with chips based on its x86 architecture, the company unveiled last month plans to put a 64-bit ARM processor in its new Stratix 10 FPGA. Intel plans to integrate Altera FPGAs in Xeon server chips. The company may put x86 and ARM CPUs on one chip. Intel is already pairing Xeon and Altera FPGAs on multi-chip circuit boards.

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