IoT Dev Platform A One-Stop-Shop for Device Developers

SEATTLE – Wireless chipset company Redpine Signals has released what it is calling the first, comprehensive IoT platform for device makers. The company's WyzBee platform comprises an MCU module with embedded multiprotocol RF, a family of expansion modules to augment the module's functionality, built-in secure cloud connectivity software, a development toolkit with enhanced wireless debugger, and cloud services along with application software. The platform also supports a migration path from module-based prototyping and early production to chipset-based volume production.

The WyzBee development platform joins a host of other offerings from a variety of vendors, but it differs from traditional chipset offerings in several critical ways, Redpine CEO Venkat Mattela told EE Times in an interview. “There are 175 IoT platforms in play today,” Mattela said, “but nobody is addressing the real needs of the IoT. This market is an inch deep and a mile wide, so you're dealing with lots of customers buying very small quantities.” Most chipset vendors, however, are targeting a few customers that will purchase hundreds of millions of devices, Mattela explained.

The WyzBee IoT platform targets the needs of device developers who don't anticipate immediate large-scale production of their designs, Mattela says. The platform offers as a starting point module built on the company's WiSeMCU processor, which is Cortex-M4 based and has pre-certified dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, and ZigBee Pro radios built in, including full protocol stacks and firmware for both wireless and cloud connectivity. It also offers six-axis inertial sensors, two USB ports, an IR receiver, debug port, pushbuttons, and LEDs.

More importantly, perhaps, the module offers an expansion port – the WyzBee Thing interface – for easy addition of desired functionality. Redpine has a number of Things already available, including audio, GPS, LCD, and power relay boards, with plans for up to 40 different boards by year's end. All Thing boards have will full driver support as well as example application software available in the WyzBee development software.

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