IoT Spec Taps Internet Protocol

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A trade group plans to publish a specification for building an Internet of Things software stack using the Internet Protocol. The effort is part of a growing trend toward implementing IP in embedded systems.

The IP for Smart Objects Alliance (IPSO Alliance) will publish at least one reference architecture this year for an IP-based IoT stack. It will also release a basic set of smart object data types for IoT communications over a variety of higher-level transports, including HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, and DDS.

“IPSO is transforming itself from a group focused on educating people why to [educating them on] how to use IP, so we're helping identify a proper set of standards for IoT,” Geoff Mulligan, the group's chairman, told EE Times.

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— Rick Merritt is the Silicon Valley Bureau Chief of EE Times.

22 comments on “IoT Spec Taps Internet Protocol

  1. Ashu001
    July 31, 2014


    Its such a good thing to see a significantly strong degree of Consolidation in IoT Standards today.

    Now all we need is for all the Biggies[Intel,AMD,IBM,MSFT,Google,Apple] to agree on one Basic Direction for Standards here and we are ready to move very,very quickly forwards in the right direction.

    Its about time it happened.


  2. ITempire
    July 31, 2014

    tech4people, agreed. The industry needs to mature on IoT and once it does, we will have generally accepted standards. Currently, IoT is a quite dispersed industry. Some are even unable to classify IoT products as such as they don't define their products as IoT.

  3. ahdand
    July 31, 2014

    @waqas: I think it should need new thinkers and risk takers more. They should be encouraged to the max so things will happen fast in the world of IoT

    August 3, 2014

    This activity is most welcome as the more people are educated ont he various standards the better chance we as consumers have of getting reasonable interoperability in future.

    August 3, 2014

    This activity is most welcome as the more people are educated ont he various standards the better chance we as consumers have of getting reasonable interoperability in future.

  6. ITempire
    August 21, 2014

    Nimantha, development of IoT is desirable but it needs to be defined publically as to what IoT is.

  7. Ashu001
    August 31, 2014


    You need the right balance in place.

    If you don't have somebody to rein things in the Innovation will get so much out of hand nobody will be able to make sense of head or tail what's happening.

    Just for examples sake-Android.It was'nt until Google seized control of it were App Developers able to focus on developing excellent solutions around it.


  8. Ashu001
    August 31, 2014


    IoT is an extremely massively dispered industry today.

    The right level of Standardisation will change metrics effectively for all Interested Parties.

    One you have effective Standards in place-Coalescing and Innovating around it becomes much faster for all concerned parties.


  9. ITempire
    September 21, 2014


    “IoT is an extremely massively dispered industry today.”

    This is a very relevant observation and one of the reason for this I can think of is that industry is unable to define and understand what IoT reallly is. Or may be they are content in innovating in isolation to later find out that the industry is categorizing their product as IoT.

  10. Ashu001
    September 25, 2014


    I tend to believe that they are content in Innovating in Isolation today until things reach such a Level that Market/Consumers picks and choses an Appropriate Winner here.

    We are reaching that Stage very,very quickly as I see Shakeout happen relatively quickly-In the next 2 years or so.

  11. ITempire
    September 27, 2014

    Tech4people, supply chain will play a very important part in categorizing a product as IoT or not apart from marketing and sales. It is them who interact with the distribution channel regularly.

  12. Ashu001
    September 29, 2014


    True .

    Supply-Chain has a big role to play here(especially the Leaders).

    However,Supply Chain can't do things in Isolation ,It needs to work effectively well with a lot of different StakeHolders in the Enterprise to get things right.

    Especially IT,Finance and Marketing.


  13. ITempire
    September 30, 2014

    tech4people, this is where it gets really tough. Coordination with different functions can a difficult task specially in organizations which are large in size as they often have bureaucratic culture innate.

  14. Ashu001
    September 30, 2014


    Have to agree wholeheartedly!

    Navigating around Management issues and especially Buearacracies can consume the Best of most Ideas very-very easily.

    I wish there was an easy way to do this-But I am also guessing that all those NEw Internal Colloboration Tools and Wikis help to reduce the Gap between Idea Creator and Decision-maker today.

    Does'nt it?


  15. ITempire
    September 30, 2014


    Yes tools are helping out but these are dependant on behaviour of humans too. You are right; many of the ideas face slow-moving in implementation due to organization structure and mode of operating.

  16. Ashu001
    October 4, 2014


    They Don't name it -Bueracracy Simply!


    Whenever you have humans involved ;automatically Ego kicks in whether you like it or not.

    Unless you have skilled Human Pros(who know how to manage Egos and get the Job Done softly,Softly) ;You usually run into a Lot of Resistance in getting the Job Done in most Organizations today.

    Trouble is most such Skilled Practicioners(with Excellent Soft Skills) are'nt valued in Organizations today.

    The Goal seems to be Flat-Flat Organization big-time No Matter what the Long-term Consequences.



  17. ITempire
    October 8, 2014

    tech4people, you are right. Office politics is a big problem in the growth of the company. Competition is another thing. 

    And yes, flat structures don't suit every organization. Usually large organizations are difficult to handle if the hierarchical structure is flat.

  18. Ashu001
    October 30, 2014


    Have you seen those Cases where Offices which had formerly closed Cabins(for Senior Execs) now have entirely Open Floorplans?

    Its beyond amazing to watch how insecure Junior Level Employees become in such Organizations.

    After all everyone needs their space to perform.Right?

    And we all know that not everyone is able to function optimally all the time(We all need Downtime right?).

    I am amazed that Management Clowns who came up with these new fangled ideas have zero idea how these things actually work(and affect People all around us).


  19. ITempire
    November 15, 2014

    Tech4people, it can be a never ending debate as to whether open floor plans are better than the conventional floor plans. I belong to an organization which allots a room for almost every senior management member and a shared room for the middle manager. I personally feel that it is a more suitable way to keep the managerial staff more motivated. 

  20. Ashu001
    November 22, 2014


    Have to agree with your opinion.

    That closed floorplan is the model which I also prefer especially for Senior Managers.

    Beats the embarrassment that can arise when one has to “Dress Down” Juniors who are'nt performing in Public.

    Having been through that myself Years ago;I know what a Bad feeling it feels like and it lingers inside you for a long-long time to come.


  21. ahdand
    November 23, 2014

    @tech4people: Well do you mean to say that it will take long time for things to change ? Or is it the competitors you are referring to here ? 

  22. Ashu001
    November 23, 2014


    I was talking about changing Supply Chains generally.

    That is something which takes a lot of Time and Effort to proceed ahead.

    So Many Stakeholders are involved that to get someone to Say Yes and Proceed ahead can sometimes take forever!

    Its here that having some sort of a Dictatorship is beneficial to Drive Change through the Organization.

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