IoT Startup Rides LoRa

SAN JOSE, Calif. – A startup will ride LoRa and Wi-Fi networks to bring the Internet of Things to consumers and businesses this year. TrackNet snagged $7 million in A-series funding from two investors who will help it build and deploy routers and sensors.

By June, the startup aims to be in production with hybrid LoRa/Wi-Fi routers and as many as seven sensors, the first products launching at Mobile World Congress next month. They will include wearable location monitors, motion sensors for security and environmental monitors for temperature and humidity.

TrackNet targets both the smart home and commercial users tracking assets and monitoring buildings. It aims to bring relatively expensive LoRa sensors down to the $20-30 retail prices of today’s home automation products.

One investor, Gemtek Corp., already makes routers for top name brands and will help the startup tap into its supply chain. The other, Minnol Zenner Group, is a top ten supplier of smart meters which mainly use proprietary 900 MHz links or, in Europe, the Wireless MBus standard.

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