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IPC Submits Comments to Trump Administration Regarding Modernization of NAFTA

BANNOCKBURN, Ill.–  The world’s leading advocate for the electronics industry says the Trump administration has an opportunity to strengthen the U.S. and global economy as it begins work to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

On June 12, IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries submitted comments to the U.S. Trade Representative on the administration’s upcoming negotiations with Canada and Mexico on NAFTA.

IPC has more than 4,000 members in more than 60 countries, with nearly 2,200 in the United States, 150 in Canada, and about 60 in Mexico. Many of IPC’s members rely on the global supply chain for raw materials, equipment, research and development, human talent, assembly, testing and distribution; and many rely on access to international markets to sell their products and services.  

“It is vital for IPC members and our members’ customers that a free flow of goods continues between the United States, Canada, and Mexico,” says the group’s letter to the Trump administration. “Our members operate in a global economy, and the reduction of trade barriers and opening of markets will allow them to be more competitive and contribute to the growth of the U.S. economy.”  

With respect to NAFTA specifically, the association suggests four priorities, including fully opening markets in Canada and Mexico; protecting intellectual property rights; providing for better customs and trade facilitation; and reducing tariffs.

IPC will continue advocating for open and fair trade agreements and against any actions that would unduly burden its members. Most recently, a group of electronics industry CEOs discussed trade and manufacturing policy issues with senior aides in the Trump administration during IMPACT Washington, DC 2017.

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