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Irvine Enters Agreement for South Korean Sales

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Irvine Sensors Corporation (OTCBB: IRSN) announced today that it has entered into a Distribution Agreement with JXP Tech (“JXP”), the U.S. company that represents Dong In Optical Co., Ltd. (“D.I. Optical “), the South Korean manufacturer and exporter of various weapons sights and mounts that have been adopted by the South Korean Army and law enforcement agencies, as well as being exported to other countries. The JXP Distribution Agreement includes all thermal imaging products manufactured by Irvine Sensors, other than the firm's clip-on thermal imaging (“COTI”) cores and derivatives, for export to South Korea.

Bill Joll, Irvine Sensors' CEO, said, “We have proven experience on the application of our thermal imaging technology to products other than COTI, and we are putting increased emphasis on marketing for such applications. We believe the Distribution Agreement with JXP and the resulting access to D.I. Optical could open a significant global channel for us.”

In Jung, CEO of D.I. Optical, commented, “I'm excited about this partnership with Irvine Sensors. We believe their advanced thermal imaging technology and products combined with D.I. Optical's dot sights will give us a competitive edge in the South Korean market by providing our customers with a wider range of products focused and aligned to their needs.”

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