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Is Chicago the Procurement Capital of the World?

CHICAGO – Greater Chicago is the third largest economy in the U.S., with dozens of Fortune 500 brands ranging from McDonald’s to Walgreens calling the Windy City home. 

With more purchasing professionals than most American regions, Greater Chicago is a hub for procurement activity, led by some of the profession’s most innovative CPOs.

For that reason, Procurious the leading global online business network for procurement and supply chain professionals, has chosen Chicago as the first U.S. location for its digitally led procurement think-tank, the Big Ideas Summit.

Big Ideas Partner and Europe’s leading procurement services provider,Proxima saw the importance of Chicago as a procurement hub early on, opening their first U.S. office here in 2012. Since then they have continued to support clients across all of the US.

“Chicago is headquarters to many large, multi-national companies–therefore an incredibly important market for the procurement profession. It is the key location for us to connect with the abundance of procurement talent and leading U.S. procurement and supply chain executives,” said Dan Collings, Senior Vice President and Head of U.S., Proxima.

Basware, the largest open business network in the world, is also joining forces with Procurious to collaborate with more procurement and supply chain professionals from across the globe.   

“Being a part of the Procurious conversation is another way for us to keep close to the changing needs of the modern procurement world, forecast trends and work with organizations to navigate their challenges,” said Eric Wilson, Basware Vice President of Purchase-to-Pay.

Big Ideas Chicago will debate the latest, game changing issues: global economic and geopolitical shocks, Industry 4.0, harnessing innovation and cognitive technology. 

“We are bringing together the top one percent, who are on the leading edge of the profession. We want to crowdsource ideas and push procurement and supply management from the past and into the future,” said Tania Seary, Founding Chairman of Procurious.

After three successful years in London, Big Ideas will be held at the Wit Chicago on Sept. 28 with keynote presentations from:

  • Urbanist, futurist and Author Greg Lindsay  will uncover why innovation today is fundamentally social and often the result of engineered serendipity
  • ISM CEO Tom Derry , will talk through the five traits you need to be a truly agile and forward-thinking digital CPO
  • Sibylline CEO Justin Crump  will build the case for procurement teams to transform into crack intelligence gatherers
  • Former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf  will provide strategies for making complex decisions under great pressure and without a full data-set
  • Basware Vice President Purchase-to-Pay  Eric Wilson will discuss why data is the alpha and omega of AI 

Make your voice heard! With just 50 seats available at the invitation-only Chicago event, CPOs should request an invitation here. “Procurement’s rising stars” can attend online for FREE by signing up with Procurious and joining the Big Ideas Digital Delegate Group.

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