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Is Your Supply Chain Static or Dynamic?

Building a core competency around analyzing various supply chain design scenarios is crucial to bringing more efficiency and effectiveness to a company's operation. From Make vs. Buy decisions, to the location of a distribution center, to the impact of a postponement strategy — these are real business decisions that are driving the need for more frequent, fact-based analysis on supply chain design options.

Configuring a supply chain design that merely chases lower labor cost manufacturing alternatives in regions far from demand is no longer the single recipe for success. In fact, best in class High-tech companies are now going further to understand their entire “Cost-to-Serve” model to better determine if a more local option e.g. near-shoring might provide a more sustainable supply chain model that provides better economic advantage.

EBN and Avnet will on Dec. 4 at 11:00 a.m. ET present a webinar on these issues and focus on how companies by improve their competitiveness by designing a more efficient supply chain. Douglas Kent, global vice president, Avnet Velocity, will lead the discussion.

Attendees of this webinar will benefit from understanding the following:

  • Guidance on making Supply Chain Design and Optimization a core competency
  • What is 'Cost-to-Serve' and how is it calculated?
  • Definition of “profitable proximity” and when it is most likely to be a preferred option
  • Examining the 2013 outlook and beyond

Register for the webinar by clicking HERE.

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