Jabil Launches InControl Supply Chain Decision Support Platform

Jabil Circuit today unveiled its newest supply chain offering called InControl. The modular supply chain SaaS platform is designed to bring diverse information sets together to provide business insights that supply quick and accurate supply chain decisions.

“We like to say that we have a supply chain expert and data scientist integrated into the product. What’s unique about this new platform is that is built by practitioners, people who are living and breathing supply chain every day,” Ross Valentine, senior director product line management, Intelligent Digital Supply Chain told EBN. “It’s built for practitioners by thinking about how will supply chain be functioning over next five to ten years.”   

Particularly for electronics OEMs, product life cycles are getting shorter, and the supply chain is stretching across the globe. More data about business activities is available, so tools to crunch that data and put it in perspective are increasingly important. “Today’s supply chains and tools aren’t architected to effectively address all of the requirements our customers need to compete and win in an increasingly digital ecosystem,” said Don Hnatyshin, senior vice president and chief supply chain and procurement officer for Jabil. “InControl was designed for, and by, supply chain practitioners to provide the real-time intelligence, visibility and analytics our customers have been asking for so they can move with B2C speed and agility in a B2B world.”

The multi-tenant, intelligent digital supply chain cloud platform pulls content from diverse systems (enterprise resource planning, resource planning, sales and operation planning, transportation management, financial, as well as third party content).  Advanced analytics and machine learning parse both structured and unstructured data with an eye toward supporting making supply chain decisions in real time. With better data, organizations can potentially cut inventory and time to market by 50% and reduce product lead times and costs by up to 30%, Jabil estimated. 

Users combine any (or all) of five applications depending on their most critical supply chain concerns. “We want to bring color and life into supply chain,” said Valentine. It’s about getting the right information to the right people at the right time and making them feel like they are in control. They have to feel like they are part of the bigger picture, rather than caught in today’s siloed supply chain.” 

The suite includes:

  • Supply chain visibility: Offers real-time reports and alerts on orders, compliance, event risk, problem resolution and financial performance. “We’ve injected analytics and data visualization into the bread and butter of the control tower,” Valentine said.
  • Event risk: Delivers instant alerts, impact analyses and detailed recovery options to support faster recovery during supply chain disruptions. “It used to take two or three weeks to look at the impact of a disruptive event and now it takes two or three minutes,” Valentine said.  
  • Design for supply chain: Run impact scenarios of different product decisions to assess supply chain impact early in design and prototyping. “This is like TurboTax for the supply chain for those who have a product idea but don’t know how to build it,” Valentine said.
  • Risk management: Dynamic and customized risk scoring weighs availability, complexity, delivery, and other critical supply chain risk factors to allow for building risk models. “We’ve reinvented risk management by adding applied machine learning,” said Valentine. “High volume manufacturing tends to be about speed, velocity, volume and risk factors, then through machine learning we can build risk model that makes sense to a specific product or industry.”
  • Supply chain diagnostics: Perform root cause analysis of missed key performance indicators (KPIs) and key metrics to improve sourcing and partner collaboration. “You can answer any question about the supply chain using data visualization,” Valentine explained.

As part of its new offering, Jabil has formed a joint business relationship with professional services and advisory firm PwC. PwC will integrate the InControl Supply Chain SaaS Supply Chain Decision Support solution as part of its consulting services.

Jabil’s InControl platform will be generally available in the third quarter. Pricing will be based on a per month/per application model. “Pricing is for both the applications and the platform needed to run the application,” Chuck Conley, director of product marketing digital supply chain marketing at Jabil, told EBN. “Each will be priced separately or bundled.”

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