Just Like Being There: APEX 2018 & Collaborate, Connect

At the center of any smart factory or Industry 4.0 initiative is the need for communication between machine, between processes and between different software systems. This machine to machine (M2M) communications, while important, is just part of a much more elaborate collaboration and communications between customers, vendors, and teams of individuals.

Getting all the equipment talking openly in a secure environment is essential, and this open communication channel needs to be reflected in the communications throughout the manufacturing ecosystem.

The smart factory revolution started some time ago and has accelerated since the introduction of terms like Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical systems. When we first started to hear those terms, many companies suggested they would be the one-stop-solution provider, your guide along the journey to smart factory nirvana. After a very short time it became clear that no single vendor had all the parts of the puzzle, even after a few strategic mergers and acquisitions. Now, the industry has finally woken up to the need for fierce collaboration to deliver success.

At APEX 2018, we saw some great examples of collaboration, from the CFX showcase with more than thirty participating companies, to individual partnerships and small groups working together to drive towards a focused goal. This collaboration, as well as being beneficial to the customers, provides economies of scale with more minds, more experience and more skills being applied to solve each problem. 

Cogiscan has been collaborating with equipment vendors, other software providers, consumables companies and end users to deliver solutions for years. Their chief sales and marketing officer, François Monette, along with Brian D'Amico, president of Mirtec, and Thomas Marktscheffel, director of product management SW-Integration Platform at ASM, joined me to discuss the projects they have been working on together, the process, and the deliverables in terms of customer value.

Filmed on location in San Diego at the SCOOPstudio with the sponsorship of Aegis Software, Cogiscan, Fuji America, Jabil, KIC, Koh Young, and Radius Innovation.

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