Just Like Being There: Productronica 2017 & Coexisting with Cobots

Collaborative robots or cobots is one of this year's most discussed topics at Productronica 2017. How do they fit onto the surface mount technology (SMT) line and how do they coexist with operators in a safe and productive environment?

Productronica is one of the largest electronic manufacturing events in the world. Held earlier this month, in Munich, Germany, the show attracted more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and 55,000 visitors.

In this debate, I was joined by Alessandro Bonara, head of electronics manufacturing for ASM Assembly Systems; Michael Mayr, head global business development of Human-Robot-Collaboration at Kuka Robotics; and Alfred Pammer, managing director at CTS. We explored cobotics now and into the future. 

Robotics and automation are clearly a major part of our future, but we are more used to seeing them caged on the factory floor. Now, they are finding their way among the operators and working with them to augment their performance. Cobots are going to be alongside humans more and more in the future, both in domestic, business and industrial arenas.

This debate explores the current status quo, developments that are occurring and what the future augmented world of human machine collaboration might look like. Click on the video below:

Filmed on location in the SCOOPstudio  under the sponsorship of Aegis, Cogiscan, Jabil, KIC, Koh Young and Radius Innovation. Check back next week to hear from more movers and shakers I met at the show.

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