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Keys to Survival for Small and Midsize EMS

ALAMEDA, CA — Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI), consultant and research specialist for the electronics supply chain, presents findings on how three small-to-medium-sized companies achieve lasting success in the tough, dynamic contract manufacturing industry.

The paper, written by TFI president and founder Pamela J. Gordon, features three electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies and finds their common themes for success. The companies are Digicom Electronics (Richmond, California), Nistec Group (Petach Tikva, Israel), and PartnerTech (Vellinge, Sweden). Gordon followed these companies for more than 15 years. She found that they have enviable profitability, world-class certifications, and loyal customers, suppliers, and employees. Through interviews with the CEOs of these three companies, Gordon shows how management has survived economic fluctuations, parts shortages, demanding customers, and an ever-broadening scope of services, while competing with companies leveraging low-wage regions, huge buying power, and economies of scale.

Commented Mo Ohady of Digicom Electronics, “I owe our success to technical expertise in our niche, high quality work, and strong customer relationships that we nurture through end-to-end services-not piecemeal work that burdens our customers in meeting their end customers' needs.”

The paper, Contract Electronic Manufacturers with Staying Power, is available at:

Technology Forecasters

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