Labeling Ups Efficiency in Auto Supply Chain

The automotive industry, like many sectors of the electronics market, is getting increasingly complex, with global markets, production facilities and suppliers. Good labeling practices are emerging as a key strategy for managing today's complex labeling requirements and regulations. 

Loftware, an enterprise-labeling vendor, points to the need for a focused solution.  In a written statement, the company said:

Enterprise Labeling Solution will drive efficiency in the automotive supply chain by empowering companies to deal with the nuances of today's complex labeling requirements and regulations. An integrated and automated Enterprise Labeling Solution offers manufacturers the ability to support high levels of variability in labeling so they can stay ahead of the curve.

In the infographic below, the company outlines the biggest benefits that auto manufacturers can capture including:

  • Better response to customer requirements
  • Reduced errors through better compliance
  • Ability to identify a clear path to managing ongoing regulations
  • A method to keep up with emerging demands
  • Superior change management
  • Empowerment of partners and reduction of costs
  • Reduction of unforeseen downtime

Let us know about how you are managing labeling requirements in your industry in the comments section below.

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