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Labelmaster Offers USPS Lithium Battery Forbidden Markings for Safe, Compliant Shipping

Chicago – New DOT regulations with a mandatory compliance date of Aug. 7 will significantly reduce the exception allowances for shipping lithium batteries, which are potentially dangerous if not safely packed and handled when transported.

To help businesses stay in compliance, Labelmaster now offers USPS-compliant “surface mail only — forbidden for transport aboard passenger aircraft” labels for primary and metal lithium batteries.

“In the wake of aircraft fires, international regulators have banned shipping lithium metal batteries by air on most passenger aircraft,” said Bob Richard, vice president of regulatory affairs with Labelmaster. “The DOT's HM-224F requires lithium batteries 'forbidden' for transport markings on certain shipments of lithium batteries to indicate that they are not permitted to be loaded aboard passenger aircraft.

“The USPS-compliant markings are designed to make the process of transporting lithium batteries safer and help shippers comply with the labeling requirement,” Richard added.

The lithium battery forbidden markings are heavyweight coated paper labels with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance and offer strong adhesion to corrugated boxes. They are available in sizes of 4 inches by 2 inches or 6 inches by 4 inches and sold in rolls of 500.

Visit the Lithium Battery Forbidden Markings section of the Labelmaster website for additional information on these markings.

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