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Legacy Electronics Moves to South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Following an announcement last month that his firm has moved from San Clemente, California, to establish new sales and administrative offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Legacy Electronics’ chief executive officer, Jason Engle, announced today that the firm has chosen the site of their new manufacturing facilities. Near Sioux Falls, the new site will permit Legacy Electronics to make use of a 40,000-square-foot building that provides excellent manufacturing space, layout and utilities for current and future production and expansion.

“This site means we can triple our manufacturing output in the near term,” said Engle. “The standing facility already doubles our space and gives us room to grow. Once we complete some facility modification to fit our exact requirements, we’ll begin move-in. We expect that this will be a 30-to-45-day process, and we hope to occupy the facility in May.”

Job Needs
In earlier news, Engle mentioned his firm would likely draw on the skilled labor force associated with the local technical institute to help staff for 24-hour manufacturing operations, and that the company expects to increase its employee base as a result of the expansion. Today Engle added, “Job openings will be posted on our company website no later than end of May.”

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