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Li Tong Group (LTG) Names Linda Li Chief Strategy Officer

HONG KONG –Li Tong Group, LTG, which optimizes Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) services for technology and telecom, is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Li to the position of chief strategy officer. In the new position, Li will continue to evolve LTG's role as a market leader in the RSCM field.

Li, who is widely recognized as an expert in the field of green supply chain management, joined LTG in 2010 as corporate vice president. In 2013 she was named executive director and corporate vice president.  In her four years with LTG she has pioneered the company's world-leading closed-loop recovery solution for mobile devices, devised the company's corporate growth strategies and led global initiatives and implementations.

Prior to joining LTG, Li held senior positions in Fortune 100 electronics OEMs as well as in management consulting and private equity.

A key component of Li's new role will be to lead LTG's effort and research and development investment in cradle-to-cradle, design-for-recycle and closed-loop systems. She will also oversee the company's entry into new vertical markets, including Internet of Things (IOT) and electrical vehicles.

Li's other key responsibilities will include establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships with leaders in the hi-tech value chain, overseeing LTG's capital market strategy and investor relations and strengthening the company's global standards and compliance advisory toward even higher levels.

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