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Loadproof Developed by Smart Gladiator In Partnership wth Kenco Selected as Finalist For CSCMP Supply Chain Innovator Award

Smart Gladiator, an innovative mobile-enabling supply chain solution provider and developer of the next generation Wearable, Tablet and Mobile technologies for supply chain execution is proud to announce, its product Loadproof ( to Image Enable Supply Chain has helped Kenco’s customers save significant dollars. Loadproof has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 CSCMP Supply Chain Innovator Award. The benefits of Loadproof can be learned from the session in the CSCMP conference as detailed below.

Kenco Innovates to Slash Customer Shipping Chargebacks in partnership with Georgia Tech ATDC Startup Smart Gladiator

Monday Sep 25th , 2:00pm – 3:15pm

LoadProof, a mobile app/web portal solution reduced Sealed Air Corporation's (SAC) customer complaints 95%, decreased int'l.l shipping claims, lowered labor costs, with increased visibility. Stemming from the motivation to resolve chargebacks, this solution is now commercially available.

Kristi Montgomery , Vice President, Innovation, Research and Development, Kenco Logistics Services 
Rick Olson , Executive Director, Logistics North America, Sealed Air Corporation

Puga Sankara , Principal, Smart Gladiator

With Smart Gladiator, operations managers can bring in the mobility revolution that has evolved in our personal lives into supply chain & operations processes, and by doing so companies can not only realize tremendous cost savings, but also provide a much more user friendly toolset for everybody that is engaged in planning and executing Supply Chain processes.

Kenco Innovation Labs developed a prototype app and website which was beta tested at five Kenco locations. After a successful pilot program, Kenco strategically partnered with Smart Gladiator to develop a scalable, secure, enterprise-ready application that is now available for both Android and Apple devices. It has a secure cloud repository to store the photos, which can be easily integrated into various supply chain systems. LoadProof increases supply chain visibility by photo-documenting shipments to improve compliance and reduce costs. 

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