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LocatorX Selects NoiseFigure Research for Miniature Atomic Clock Chip Design

ATLANTA/PRNewswire/ — LocatorX, a technology company developing accurate, inexpensive and flexible tracking technology, today announced that NoiseFigure Research, an ultra-high-speed digital circuit design firm, has been selected to develop the MEMS magnetic actuator for LocatorX's solid state miniature atomic clock. Once complete, the actuator can be added to integrated circuits as control logic for accurate, inexpensive, and secure tracking technologies.

The solid state miniature atomic clock will serve as a core component of LocatorX's upcoming Global Resource Locator (GRL) product. The GRL will be capable of leveraging atomic clocks in terrestrial radio sources, enabling precise tracking indoors and outdoors. When paired with IoT devices, the GRL will offer superior location accuracy to GPS without batteries. The design is based on a global resource locator patent (US Patent No. 9,841,494B2) which provides LocatorX exclusive global rights to an atomic clock nanotechnology developed by the University of Oxford.

“As they've proven for the past nine years, NoiseFigure is the world authority on building low-power radio frequency (RF) devices. Now that the functional proof of science work has been done demonstrating that buckyballs – or fullerene – can function as an atomic clock, NoiseFigure will enable us to design miniature atomic clocks for volume production,” said LocatorX Founder and CTO Billy Meadow.

“We are pleased to use our research into highly efficient power amplifiers and polar modulators to turn the breakthrough ultra-low power buckyball resonators into a commercial line of locator chips that can be produced for pennies a piece,” said Dr. Jerry Lopez, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of NoiseFigure Research Inc.

Once designed, the wafers will be physically tested in an iterative process at the University of Washington (UW) Nanofabrication Facility until final production files are created for licensing.

For questions regarding this press release, to interview Dr. Jerry Lopez or Billy Meadow, or for more information about LocatorX, please contact Dan Brown at .

For more information on the underlying science behind the miniature atomic clock, please see the IEEE Spectrum article To Build the World’s Smallest Atomic Clock, Trap a Nitrogen Atom in a Carbon Cage: Hyperprecise clocks in our cellphones mean we’ll always know where we are in time and space .

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