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Loftware Spectrum 2.8 Enables Unlimited Flexibility to Standardize Labeling Across Global Supply Chains

Portsmouth, NH — May 17, 2016 – Loftware, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions, today announced Loftware Spectrum 2.8, the latest release of the only 100% browser-based solution designed to meet complex, high volume customer and regulatory labeling requirements across global enterprises. Spectrum 2.8 introduces new Multi-Site capabilities, allowing customers to leverage a single deployment of Spectrum across multiple geographies and remote facilities while synchronizing with a central location. The release also provides new levels of control over global printer networks and enhanced print job visibility.

With Spectrum's new Multi-Site capability, companies can standardize labeling across their global operations while reaping the benefits of centralized and decentralized deployment models. Business users at facilities including manufacturing plants, contract manufacturer sites, warehouses, and distribution centers can manage labeling independently when required, while accessing standard and approved label data and templates from a company's central location. This empowers facilities to run without depending on a full-time connection to headquarters while ensuring that they comply and stay current with corporate labeling standards.

Companies can also have users at facilities access Spectrum deployed at headquarters with the ability to failover to a local instance in cases where connectivity to headquarters is disrupted. This capability provides companies with centralized control while ensuring continuous labeling operations at the facility level. Spectrum objects such as users, groups, label templates and devices are maintained at the central site and transactional data is synchronized based on a schedule for each facility or once connectivity is regained.

“Spectrum's new multi-site feature redefines how labeling is deployed by global enterprises. It allows customers to standardize labeling and ensure continuous operations while providing them with complete control over how Spectrum is deployed between headquarters and remote locations,” stated Loftware Vice President of Product Management, Josh Roffman. “This capability is essential for companies that require continuous uptime and are concerned about labeling consistency and adhering to customer, regulatory and branding requirements across their global operations,” he added.

Spectrum 2.8's Device Queue Management allows enhanced control and flexibility to efficiently manage and troubleshoot printers and print jobs. It also enables users to control jobs from initiation to printing, manage the priority of print jobs, and optimize device usage across the enterprise. Offering administrative control of print jobs through the user interface, Spectrum enables users to lock or unlock a device queue and then stop, pause and start a device queue as required.  Once paused or stopped, Spectrum users can drill into a device queue to view the pending print jobs where they can move to a different queue, cancel or release a print job.

Other capabilities in Spectrum 2.8 include enhanced Print Job Status. This feature introduces a new dashboard, which offers greater insight and visibility regarding the state of print jobs and devices. The dashboard simplifies and streamlines troubleshooting by providing a summary of all configured devices, device queues and print jobs for a quick view of the health of a print environment. A new job status view provides quick navigation to a device's web interface or configuration page. This enables users to send commands directly to the device allowing control from within the Spectrum interface.

Loftware will be introducing Spectrum 2.8 at this year's annual Sapphire Now Conference May 17 – 19 in Orlando, Florida. Customers integrating Spectrum with SAP are able to leverage existing business processes and vital data sources by triggering labeling directly from SAP. This enables them to respond quickly and efficiently to customer and regulatory requirements, maximize their existing investment in SAP, and eliminate the need to retrain users while improving time to market. 

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