Make Sure Your Tech Marketing Communications Content Delivers

Content matters. We’ve known it’s true for consumer products for decades. However, it’s equally critical when selling technology. Creating and publishing the right kind wins engineering and technical team's attention and action more often. To succeed, a brand needs to demonstrate customer value, not merely claim it.

Really establishing value can take several forms. One way is to really connect is to tell a case history or satisfied customer story. It’s best when the named customer explains clearly how they or their business were positively affected by the brand. Companies can tout their benefits all day long. However, when the story comes from a paying customer who's used the product or service, prospective customers will pay greater attention and are more likely to believe the info and respond. It’s called indirect reference selling. 

Similarly, when the company is deeply involved in some aspect of positive social improvement such as environmental protection or social justice, it’s important to let people know.  When an organization tells the stories about what they're doing or what they are helping non-profits to accomplish, there are people who will pay more attention to the brand. It may even be the thing that separates one brand from other competing ones. For me, a prime example is outdoor products company Patagonia. I don't work for the company. I've been a customer for over 30 years. They make great products and  are a company that does great things for people and the planet. Check out what they do on their website.  The area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications is truly wide open to businesses that have the guts and commitment to become seriously involved in a focused way rather than throwing some money at a range of problems. 

What's critical is picking a single area the brand wants to support. That direction may or may not have a product or service marketing connection. The secret to success is making an important, documented difference that can be shown and then consistently well reported. You will convert people to your brand. Not everyone. But then nothing marketing can do will ever convert every possible prospect.

Long-term, this kind of activity can have significant positive effect on company morale by bringing psychic rewards to employees gained from the positive results being created, if other aspects of employee satisfaction are also being well-managed. Happy employees are typically (or should be) a mark of a successful companies. That's another valuable topic that can be communicated to the market. Happy employees are far more likely to actively create happy customers.

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