Maker Faire Meets the Big Apple

Hundreds of large companies, startups, maker spaces, and scientists converged at Maker Faire, held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens.

Makers big and small came with curiosity to play with hundreds of projects. Click through to view some of our favorites.

Hexapod robot

University of Arizona student Matt Bunting created this spider-like robot using an Ardunio board and an Intel Edison chip driving 21 motors. Bunting also wrote software to let the robot to test its legs on a variety of terrain conditions.

Inside the Blue

To showcase the power of the Intel Galileo board, engineers created autonomous floating robots able to sense waves in the air. Inside the Blue, a community project between the Noise agency and Intel, features creatures that detect different invisible waves using the sensor capacity of the Galileo. The invisible waves — in this case, WiFi — are converted and displayed into light, sound, or motion. This floating whale would seek out the strongest wireless signal and flash its LEDs to map dead zones.

Hexapod robot

Watch out for these two guys — they'll take you down with remote controlled Nerf darts in a flash. The Freescale demo is based on its K64F controller and uses an accelerometer to sense which direction to turn its sights.

Helping hands

Aiming to decrease the number of hand and arm injuries caused by extravehicular activity during space missions and training, NASA designed specialized gloves to resist debris. The new gloves incorporate smart textiles, moisture control, dust-tolerant lightweight bearings, and low-torque finger/thumb joint designs. At Maker Faire, the gloves were placed in a pressurized container to show the difficulties in outer space movement with new and old gloves.

Social robots

Quinn, the 13-year-old CEO of Qtechknow, used a custom Arduino board and Android figures to create reactive robots. Using an LED matrix, transceivers, and ArduSensor light, the robots' light displays change based on which direction the LED is facing. Robots with lights pointed directly at each other would display hearts on their screens, while a robot turned away would display a “Z” for sleepiness.

Fly fish

Just for the halibut, Richard Carter, John Schroeter, and a team of more than 30 volunteers created the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir, a fixture in the Houston, Texas, art car scene. Carter uses custom boards to program 250 fish and lobsters to sing in time, programming each song to correspond with fish movement.

LG Soundboard

Makers lined up dozens deep to solder their own soundboards using relays from old washing machines and other LG products alongside an Atmel microprocessor. A light sensor controlled the speed of the song — the more light exposed to the sensor, the faster the song would play.

To view the rest of this slideshow, visit EBN sister site EETimes.

12 comments on “Maker Faire Meets the Big Apple

    October 3, 2014

    You just gotta lve the robot spiders crawling all over the place.  Thanks for sending the cool pictures.

  2. Hailey Lynne McKeefry
    October 3, 2014

    I live in the Silicon Valley and the Maker Faire is huge here. In fact, usually the lines are so long that it can take an hour or more just to get through the gates. I appreciate the way, though, that is fair appeals to famiies. It's a great way for young people to get hands on experience with electronics, robotics, and engineering. Now, we just need to figure out how to figure out how to get them thinking about a career in supply chain management. 🙂

  3. _hm
    October 3, 2014

    Very interesting story and find these kids very lucky. They should explore this opportunity. I wish morekids have similar boost.

  4. Susan Fourtané
    October 4, 2014


    That spider robot is fantastic. 😀 I just mentioned to you the spider robots in another comment. 

    What is also fantastic is this: “Quinn, the 13-year-old CEO of Qtechknow, used a custom Arduino board and Android figures to create reactive robots.” 

    I would like to know what this young CEO is going to be doing in say, 10 years' time. Kids usually do great things with Arduino boards. 


  5. Ashu001
    October 4, 2014


    Wow! I have never been to this Fair but I am sure it must be really-really great!

    Getting Kids into SCM?

    Well,it can be done if you get them Super-Passionate about the Whole Deal behind SCM.

    How you are making a difference to the world around you via SCM ;How SCM is so Cool and Hep?

    How SCM can CHANGE the World(Hope and Change seems to be very-very popular amongst the Young Crowd ain't it???).


  6. Susan Fourtané
    October 6, 2014


    I am to far to go to this fair, but if you can and are closer you should go. It does sound and look super interesting. 🙂

    “How SCM can CHANGE the World(Hope and Change seems to be very-very popular amongst the Young Crowd ain't it???).”

    Yes, and for a reason. The reason being that the younger crowd can see all what the older generations have done to leave this planet in the horrible state it is. 🙁 

    They are the ones suffering the consequences and the ones who will have to work hard to fix it. This is why the hold to hope and change.

    If they can see that SCM can serve to that goal they will get enthusiastic about it. For that to happen, today's SCMs have to do better and show change is possible. 🙂


  7. Ashu001
    October 6, 2014


    You raise a very fair point here.

    Unfortunately its the Extremely Naive & Idealistic thinking of the Younger Lot which gets most countries into Trouble(its true).

    Its highly unlikely that someone married with Kids and a steady Job is gonna up sticks and head to Syria to fight for the IS..

    I am also for the Hunger,Talent and Enthusiasm that the Younger Lot bring to any Project but this when they get Over-Enthusaistic it usually gets troublesome.There is a tremendous need for Balance between Yin and Yang among various forces today.

    Look at Obama-The So-called harbringer of Hope and Change Ideology(nobody else ever had more support amongst the Younger Lot)-Guess what he's done lately????

    Bombed the 7th Muslim Country since he was awarded the Nobel Peace

    Its a big Joke right now!

    You still think he's gonna bring about Hope and Change?

    SCMs need to deliver more upfront savings (& Immediately).

    That will automatically turn more consumers into Converts.




  8. Susan Fourtané
    October 6, 2014


    I am 100 percent against wars. I don't care about the reasons. They are all plain wrong, especially after centuries that people keep on thinking that wars and violence are the answer and way of doing things. Any war, to me, is a sign of barbarism. People are doing the same things people did in 500 ACE and earlier. That's illogical from any point of view. At least from mine. 

    I personally think that a preseident involved in wars doesn't deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, no president deserves it. Examples of real people who deserved the Nobel Peace Prize were Mahatma K. Ghandi and Mother Theresa.

    John Lennon could have been a good candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize. And also Yoko Ono. People who worked and work for peace with facts, not just blabbing about peace. we can all do that. I don't see how Obama deserved a Nobel Peace Prize. He has not contributed to world peace in any single way. On the contrary. Ridiculous.  

    How did we end up discussing about this? :/ Oh, the kids and SCM. Individuals bring hope and change. Not governments. That's why it's important to focus on those kids who went to the fair. 


  9. Ashu001
    October 6, 2014


    Have to say I agree wholeheartedly with your Sentiments here.

    However,Having studied History carefully for a long time now(It was always one of My Favorite subjects in School-How did I become an Engineer? That's a totally different story….LOL!!!);War actually benefits two classes of people (above all others) and so they are always at the forefront of Pushing the case for War.

    1)Arms Manufacturers-For Obvious Reasons

    2)The Ruling Class-Because it helps them cover up for the various mis-steps/Corruption they have indulged in during their Reign

    It also helps Governments take care of Over-population( in a nasty way of course); whenever there is a crush for Resources;just declare war on one Tribe on some flimsy reason or the other.

    Is it the best way to deal with this situation?Nope but that's why its important that you ensure that folks are more aware & knowledgeable than they are today-And Yes avoid Mainstream Media at all costs!!!




    P.S what's the lesson for the Kids?

    Do your own research rather than depend on what Mainstream Media tells you.

    Don't drink the Establishment Kool-Aid So to speak.


  10. Susan Fourtané
    October 8, 2014


    I have also studied history carefully, that's why I say what I say. 😀 Nothing has changed. People keep on behaving the same, making the same mistakes, and being barbaric just as humanity has always been so far. Will this ever change? I don't think so. You will have space wars, just like in the movies. 

    The BBC has very good history documentaries, if you are interested. You can find them on YouTube on the BBC History Channel. I always watch those now in my breaks. At the moment I am watching a part of history where there were no cities, no town, no villages, no books, but the glorious Romans were traying to take over the world, they took some Britons as slaves, there were wars, and the technology at the moment was to make things of iron to use as weapons.

    Thousands of years have passed by. No change. Just improved technology. Your numbers 1 and 2 remain the same. 

    What about a study of supply chain management since those years? A documentary about that would be interesting. 🙂 I might be getting an idea here. 😀



  11. Daniel
    October 9, 2014

    “I appreciate the way, though, that is fair appeals to famiies. It's a great way for young people to get hands on experience with electronics, robotics, and engineering. Now, we just need to figure out how to figure out how to get them thinking about a career in supply chain management. :)”

    Hailey, is it something like science museum or planetarium?

  12. Ashu001
    November 22, 2014


    A Supply Chain Documentary which covers trends all over the Ages (in how we move products,etc) from place to place to Final Consumer would be fascinating.

    You should also cover the Waste/Landfill Aspect here.

    If I am correct;then many European nations (including the UK) are putting massive restrictions on Cities on what can and can't go into Landfills today.

    This obviously means you need to recycle more and more and more.

    Talking about recycling;Have you seen this?

    What is your opinion about this Fascinating example of Human Ingenuinty?


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