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Master Distributors Offering Tamura Sensors

SANTA MONICA, CA — Master Distributors, a leading distributor of electro-mechanical, interconnect and passive components, offers Tamura Corporation's line of closed loop Hall Effect Current Sensors, including the newest addition to the line: the S23P Series. An ideal solution for the global industrial and power electronics marketplace, the S23P Series delivers fast response, galvanic isolation and zero insertion loss.

“We're excited to offer the industry's leading closed loop current sensors,” said Master Distributors President, Ike Nizam. “These products provide our customers with a cost-effective method for attaining wide power bandwidth and superior accuracy.”

Pcb mount current sensors, the Tamura S23P Series features an integrated primary conductor designed to the industry-standard package and pin-out. The S23P is rated for operation in the industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) with industry-standard performance. The Series includes the S23P50/100D15 (K = 1:2000) and the S23P50/100D15M1 (K = 1:1000), both of which operate from ±12VDC to ±15VDC PS. Samples for evaluation are available upon request.

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