Mega-Cool Steampunk Wheelchair Indiegogo Project

I just received an email from my chum Mark Dobrosielski, an embedded systems designer who works for a defense contractor (that's all I'm allowed to say). As part of this email, Mark pointed me at a rather interesting design company called ModVic, which was founded by Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum and is located in Sharon, Mass.

ModVic specializes in repurposing salvaged items and blending them with contemporary gadgets, appliances, and objects to create beautiful spaces. In particular, it focuses on Steampunk designs that uniquely infuse new technologies and modern conveniences with beautiful, original period architectural salvage items and antiques.

One of the items on the ModVic website that really caught my eye was its SteamAble Wheelchair Project on IndieGoGo.

The idea is to take a couple of functional wheelchairs and make them eye-catchingly awesome. One of the wheelchairs will go to Kyron — a 14-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy who inspired this project. The idea is that changing the focus of attention from Kyron to his Steampunk wheelchair will increase his confidence by allowing him to express his uniqueness and individuality through his assisted living device.

At the moment, these Steampunk wheelchairs exist only as an artistic representation — by means of this Indiegogo project, Bruce and Melanie are asking for everyone's help to make them real.

All I know is that, when my friend Steve Pesto was brought low by ALS and was confined to a wheelchair — and when he and I went to the cinema to see the latest and greatest science fiction films — he would have loved to have had one of these chairs.

This article originally appeared on EBN's sister publication EE Times .

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